Popsicle Sticks Word Problem

This worksheet presents another math problem from the “Noetic Learning Problem of the Week,” dated September 28, 2015. The problem involves Carl who is building grids with popsicle sticks, requiring 4 sticks for a 1×1 grid and 12 sticks for a 2×2 grid, and asks students to calculate the number of sticks needed for a 10×10 grid. The worksheet is accompanied by illustrations of Carl and the mentioned grids to provide visual aid for the problem.

The worksheet aims to teach students about geometric patterns and the relationship between the number of units in a grid and the perimeter or the number of sticks needed to create that grid. It introduces students to the concept of scaling up and the use of multiplication to find solutions in larger patterns based on known smaller patterns. Additionally, it is designed to improve the students’ ability to recognize patterns and apply this knowledge to solve progressively complex problems.