Word Problem Worksheets

Math word problems are a type of mathematical exercise where a narrative is presented in text form, and the student must extract and solve a mathematical problem from the story. These problems require more than just mathematical operations; students must also comprehend the language, discern relevant information, and determine which mathematical methods to apply. By engaging with word problems, students enhance their reading comprehension as they must understand the context and nuances within the text.

This dual focus on language and mathematics helps students develop critical thinking and analytical skills, as they learn to bridge the gap between abstract numbers and real-world situations. Moreover, word problems often mimic everyday scenarios, allowing students to see the practical applications of math in daily life. The integration of language skills with mathematics through word problems makes them an effective educational tool for building both literacy and numeracy competencies.

Choose the types of math word problem worksheets:

Addition Word Problems

Example: Sarah has 5 apples, and her friend Tom gives her 3 more apples. How many apples does Sarah have now?

Answer: Sarah has 5 apples + 3 more apples = 8 apples in total.

Algebra Word Problems

Example: Samantha is twice as old as her younger brother, Ben. The sum of their ages is 27. How old is each of them?

Answer: Ben is 9 years old, and Samantha is 18 years old.

Decimals Word Problems

Example: Emily went to the grocery store and bought 3.5 kilograms of apples and 1.2 kilograms of bananas. How many kilograms of fruit did she buy in total?

Answer: Emily bought a total of 4.7 kilograms of fruit.

Division Word Problems

Example: There are 24 students in a class, and they want to share 72 candies equally among themselves. How many candies will each student get?

Answer: Each student will get 3 candies.

Fractions Word Problems

Example: Sarah baked a pie and cut it into 8 equal slices. She ate 3 of the slices. What fraction of the pie did Sarah eat?

Answer: Sarah ate 3 out of the 8 equal slices, which can be represented as the fraction 3/8.

Mixed Skill Word Problems

Example: Tom is planning a road trip from New York City to Miami. He plans to drive approximately 1,280 miles over the course of 4 days. On the first day, he drives 300 miles, and each subsequent day, he plans to drive 50 miles less than the previous day. How many miles will he drive on the fourth day, and what is his average daily driving distance?

Answer: Tom will drive 150 miles on the fourth day of his road trip, and his average daily driving distance is 225 miles per day.

Multiplication Word Problems

Example: Tom has 4 boxes of candies, and each box contains 12 candies. How many candies does Tom have in total?

Answer: Tom has a total of 48 candies in all.

Percentages Word Problems

Example: Sarah scored 80% on her math test, which had 50 questions. How many questions did she answer correctly?

Answer: Sarah answered 40 questions correctly on her math test.

Ratios and Proportions Word Problems

Example: In a recipe for pancakes, the ratio of flour to milk is 2:1. If you want to make a batch of pancakes with 3 cups of milk, how many cups of flour do you need?

Answer: You need 6 cups of flour to make a batch of pancakes with 3 cups of milk, maintaining the 2:1 ratio.

Rounding Word Problems

Example: A store is selling televisions for $499 each. If you have $550, can you afford to buy the television, and if not, how much more money do you need to save?

Answer: You can afford the television with your available money, and you have $51 left over after buying it.

Subtraction Word Problems

Example: Tom had 15 apples, but he gave 7 of them to his friend. How many apples does Tom have now?

Answer: Tom has 8 apples left after giving 7 to his friend.