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Math Goodies., founded in 1998, is committed to creating innovative math software. Our interactive math lessons are self-paced, and aspire to the NCTM Standards for Teaching Mathematics. We are equally committed to providing other interactive resources to enhance math instruction.

MathGoodies.com is a comprehensive educational website designed to assist both teachers and students in learning and teaching math. For teachers, the site offers detailed lesson plans covering a wide range of mathematical topics, from basic arithmetic to more advanced subjects like algebra and geometry. These plans include objectives, materials needed, step-by-step instructions, and assessment methods. Additionally, MathGoodies features interactive activities that can engage students by making abstract concepts more tangible through visual aids and interactive elements. Teachers can also find a vast collection of worksheets that can be printed for classroom use, covering various topics to reinforce students’ learning.

Assessment tools, such as quizzes, are available to help teachers gauge students’ understanding and identify areas needing additional help. Supplementary resources, including articles on teaching strategies and links to other educational websites, provide further support for educators.

For students, MathGoodies.com offers interactive lessons that explain mathematical concepts step-by-step, often including practice problems and instant feedback to reinforce learning. The site also features educational games and puzzles designed to make learning math fun, helping students practice math skills in an engaging way. Resources for homework help are plentiful, with explanations of common math problems, practice problems with solutions, and tips for solving different types of math problems. Additionally, students can access study guides and review materials for various math topics, which are especially useful for test and exam preparation.

Today’s children will enter a high-tech work force. They will be expected to solve problems in the work place. Regardless of the path they choose, they will need good problem-solving skills to be successful in their careers. Our interactive math lessons were created to help children develop these skills. We strive to make math fun and meaningful to students by connecting it to the real world.

Parents can effectively use MathGoodies.com to support their children’s math education at home through various features and resources provided on the site. Here’s how:

checkmark-blue.gif  Try our library of interactive math lessons. Our lessons provide students with immediate feedback.

checkmark-blue.gif  Try our worksheets with problems designed to be challenging, not repetitive. Easy to print, too!

checkmark-blue.gif  Our learning games are designed to teach specific math concepts. Play Integer Football and more…

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checkmark-blue.gif  Our Homeschool Helper section offers a variety of resources to assist homeschooling families.

checkmark-blue.gif  We have many articles to help you, including Supervising Your Child’s Math Homework.

checkmark-blue.gif  Our interactive puzzles hone students’ vocabulary skills! We have crosswords and word searches, with a timer and buttons to help your child.

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