Pre-Algebra Lesson

Pre-Algebra concepts are presented in this unit, including order of operations, and writing algebraic expressions and equations.

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Pre-Algebra Description
Order of Operations To learn some rules for the order of operations. To evaluate whole-number expressions using these rules. To translate a word problem into an arithmetic expression, and then evaluate.
Order of Operations With Exponents To understand all rules for order of operations. To evaluate expressions with exponents according to these rules. “PEMDAS” is used as a mnemonic.
Order of Operations with Integers To evaluate expressions with integers and exponents according to PEMDAS. To show all work step by step.
Writing Algebraic Expressions To define variable. To understand the difference between a numerical and an algebraic expression. To translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions.
Writing Algebraic Equations To define an algebraic equation. To translate open sentences into algebraic equations.
Practice Exercises To complete 10 additional exercises as practice with pre-algebra. To assess  students’ understanding of all pre-algebra concepts in this unit.
Challenge Exercises To solve 10 additional problems that challenge students’ understanding of pre-algebra. Problems are drawn from real-life situations. To hone students’ problem-solving skills.
Solutions To review complete solutions to all exercises presented in this pre-algebra unit. Includes the problem, step-by-step solutions, final answer and units for each exercise.
Learning Objectives Learning Topics: Order of operations, order of operations with exponents, PEMDAS, order of operations with integers, writing algebraic expressions, writing algebraic equations.

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