Crocodile Circles: Find The Area of the Circle

Frog Game

Circles are shapes that children love to play with. But did you know circles have a surface area which can easily be calculated using a mathematical formula? In this game, students will learn to use the value of pi and radius to find the area of a circle.

Here’s how the game is played:

  • Players start at the “Start” lily pad with the green frog, which is likely at position 1.
  • Each player rolls a die (as indicated by the image of a die in the top left corner) to determine the number of spaces to move forward.
  • The players move their piece, which could be one of the frogs, the number of spaces shown on the die.

Some lily pads have special instructions:

  • Lily pads with “Start Again” would send the player back to the start position.
  • Lily pads with “2 steps forward” or “2 steps back” would require the player to move accordingly.
  • Lily pads with a pink flamingo likely have a special role, perhaps involving a challenge related to finding the area of a circle.

To incorporate the geometry aspect, when a player lands on a lily pad with a number, they might be asked to calculate the area of a circle with a diameter or radius corresponding to that number.
The goal would be to reach the final lily pad, which seems to be number 28, while successfully answering geometry questions to proceed.

The skills that you learn in this game will help you everyday life in such activities as:

Gardening – Calculating the area of a circular garden or flower bed to determine how much soil or mulch you need to cover it.

Cooking – Determining the area of a circular pizza or cake to decide how much frosting or toppings you need to cover its surface.

Home Improvement – Calculating the area of circular floor tiles or carpeting to determine how many tiles or square yards of carpet you need to cover a room.

Engineering – In fields like civil engineering or architecture, calculating the area of circular structures such as water tanks, pillars, or columns is essential for designing and construction purposes.

Crafts and Design – When working on projects that involve circular shapes, such as making coasters, quilts, or artwork, knowing the area of circles helps in planning and material estimation.

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