Online Scientific Calculator

This free online science calculator can be used as a common scientific calculator with functions such as: sin, cos, log, power, root, and memory. However, our calculator also includes a molecular weight calculator and the tables with various physical and chemical constants. This scientific calculator contains a list with task history, storing all the recent inputs and results. Scientific calculator displays the numbers rounded to a user-specified number of decimal places.

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A scientific calculator offers more features and abilities, and therefore more buttons than a standard calculator. With a quick look at the device, you’ll see that it’s designed for complex calculations, like the problems you may encounter in chemistry, physics, engineering, and mathematics.

But that doesn’t mean a scientific calculator is too complex for you!

In fact, like any other tool, a scientific calculator is learnable. You can start by knowing every part of its interface and how it functions. Our Online Scientific Calculator has three sections: Modes, Buttons, and Display Fields.


A scientific calculator can be set to a specific mode, depending on your objective. When switching modes on our Online Scientific Calculator, you can click the Modes button. Our Online Scientific Calculator has many modes; all modes are listed below.


Performs a basic operation and displays answers in general format.


Displays the scientific notation of a decimal number up to a certain number of significant figures.


Displays answers in a particular number of decimal places.

MEM (Memory)

Saves important numbers for future reference.


Calculates angles in circular paths using Radians, Degrees, or Grades in trigonometric functions.


On our Online Scientific Calculator, you will find several buttons on the interface. Aside from the obvious 0 to 9, a decimal point, the four basic operations, the equal sign (+, -, x,  ÷, =), and the parentheses () for entering complex mathematical expressions. Additionally, there are 27 more buttons, each with a specific function.

Key Functions   

√            Square root

y√x        Root

ln           Natural logarithm, or logarithm to base e

log         Logarithm to base 10

tan         Tangent function

atan       Inverse tangent function or arctangent

x2          A number raised to the power of x

x^y        A number raised to the power of a given number

e^x        E raised to the power of x

10^x      10 raised to the power of x

cos        Cosine function

acos      Inverse cosine function, arccosine

+/-        Changes the number on the screen to positive or negative

1/x        Reciprocal of a number

x!          Factorial of a number

%          Percentage

sin        Sine

asin      Inverse sine function, arc sine

Extra Features

MR (Memory Recall)

Stores a number after you key it in.

MS (Memory Store) 

Stores the number you currently see on the display.


Repeats the last operation up to the number of times the Constant button is pressed.


Raises the mathematical number e to the exponent or power that you enter.

Select All

Use to highlight all of the data in your Task History field.


Resets the entire calculator when you want to begin an operation from scratch.

Input Field and Display Function

On our Online Scientific Calculator, you will find a blank field with a blinking cursor. This is the input field where you input your operations for the scientific calculator to calculate. Below are two examples of using the input field.

Example 1

Click the number 3.

Click the multiplication sign (x).

Click the number 6.

The input field will read 3 x 6.

When you click the equal sign (=), the green text on the upper left that says “Problem” will be replaced by “3×6”, and the blue text that reads “Solution” will be replaced by “18,” which is the answer to the mathematical problem that you put into the calculator.

Example 2

Find the cosine of 50 degrees.

Click the number 5 and the number 0.

Click the cosine button (cos).

Click the equal sign (=) and “Problem” will be replaced by “cos(50),” and “Solution” will display “0.96496…”, which is your answer. 

Added Benefit: Task History

On the right side of our Online Scientific Calculator, you will find a display field showing all of your recent inputs and results. This is your Task History field, which auto-fills according to the operations you have just performed.