PEMDAS Song Video

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally – PEMDAS Song

Mr.M’s History Club tries to remember and explain the Order of Operations to the tune of Call me Maybe. Hopefully your kids will have an easier time remembering this information when it’s put into a song!

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Credit goes to: TeacherTube

How to Make PEMDAS Fun to Remember

It is important to make this acronym approachable and fun. One of the best ways to do this is to make it memorable for yourself. Making the letters of PEMDAS fun to remember can involve associating each letter with a memorable word or phrase. Here’s a playful and memorable interpretation:

P – Party Hats – Imagine a party where everyone wears colorful party hats. The “P” in PEMDAS can represent “Party Hats,” reminding you that parentheses are the first priority in the order of operations.

E – Exploding Rockets – Picture rockets soaring into the sky with a dazzling explosion. The “E” in PEMDAS can stand for “Exploding Rockets,” symbolizing exponents as the next step after parentheses.

M – Magic Wands – Envision magic wands performing intricate spells. The “M” in PEMDAS can represent “Magic Wands,” indicating that multiplication comes before division.

D – Diving Dolphins – Visualize dolphins gracefully diving into the ocean depths. The “D” in PEMDAS can stand for “Diving Dolphins,” signaling that division is also a priority, occurring after multiplication.

A – Acrobatic Monkeys – Picture acrobatic monkeys swinging from tree to tree with agility. The “A” in PEMDAS can represent “Acrobatic Monkeys,” symbolizing addition as the next step in the sequence.

S – Silly Squirrels – Imagine playful squirrels scampering around, gathering nuts with enthusiasm. The “S” in PEMDAS can stand for “Silly Squirrels,” reminding you that subtraction follows addition.

By associating each letter of PEMDAS with vivid and amusing imagery, you can create a fun mental picture that makes it easier to recall the order of math operations. So, the next time you encounter a complex math problem, just think of Party Hats, Exploding Rockets, Magic Wands, Diving Dolphins, Acrobatic Monkeys, and Silly Squirrels to guide you through the process!