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The Math Goodies Newsletter is e-mailed to 83,000 subscribers around the world on the 1st and 15th of each month, and this number is growing very rapidly. Our e-newsletter, which started in 1999, was one of the first educational newsletters on the Internet! We have many years of experience with e-mail advertising and offer exclusive advertising opportunities. Our loyal subscribers are educational decision-makers, teachers, students and parents. We invite you to read the information below and then contact us about placing an ad! View a sample issue.


Facts about our e-Newsletter:
  1. Started in 1999, it was one of the first educational newsletters on the Internet.
  2. It offers both personalization and privacy to every subscriber.
  3. It has been white-listed by major ISPs for 15 years!
  4. Our list is very clean, and the bounce rate is very low.
Facts about our newsletter advertisements:
  1. Since 1999, response rates on our ads have been significantly higher than the industry average!
  2. Our exclusive ads book 1 to 3 quarters in advance!
  3. We can send an email blast or a targeted mailing to a subset of subscribers.
  4. Your response rate is the number of clicks on your ad, measured as a percentage of the total number of subscribers.
Facts about our subscribers:
  1. We respect the privacy of our loyal subscribers.
  2. Our subscriber base has grown exponentially since 1999.
  3. The subscribe-to-unsubscribe ratio is 10-to-1.
  4. Our subscribers have consistently demonstrated a strong interest in our ads.

Advertising Opportunities

Email blasts to all or part of our list of 83,000 subscribers! We'll send your exclusive full-page ad directly to our subscribers in lieu of a regular issue. This opportunity is only available a few times a year to select advertisers with quality educational products and services. Response rates have been as high as 17% for mailings to our list! You get detailed email campaign reports, too.
Place an exclusive ad at the top of an issue. We can also include a 250x50 pixel logo along with your text. We will track the number of clicks on your ad in real-time for 60 days through our online reporting facility!
Ads book one to two quarters in advance, and space is subject to availability! Contact us about placing an ad. Or call (914) 736-0286.

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