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Child Safety

Math Goodies. has made child safety a top priority. We have invested a great deal of time, effort and resources to protect the safety of children on our site since 1998.
Children 13 and older may register to use our Forums. They are asked to provide a username, a valid e-mail address, and their country. A password is then e-mailed to them. They may opt to hide their e-mail address from their user profile which can be accessed from our Members Page. The e-mail address is used to provide notification of posts made to the forums. Here is how this information is used:

The child's e-mail address is not displayed in a posted message unless the child includes this information in the body of his/her post.
The information collected by the forums is used only to provide the child with e-mail notification of posts made to the forums.
A child may subscribe to an entire forum or to a particular topic.
The child may unsubscribe at any time by visiting the forum. logging in, and then clicking on the desired unsubscribe link.
Parents can request that their child be unsubscribed by contacting us.

Visitors may subscribe to our newsletter. Subscriber information is never shared with other subscribers nor with any third party. Parents can request that their child be unsubscribed at any time by contacting us.

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